Pick a color, any color…

Pod-zemni Marketing is an Atlanta based boutique creative agency that specializes in brand crafting, brand exposure, and brand honesty. In simpler terms that means we design, market, and consult the smaller guys all the way to validation.  Just like creating the perfect hue, we mix our primary services as needed in order to produce the perfectly matched marketing package for every client.  Still with us? Great- let’s find out what color works best for you.

Whether you’re itching to bring a new idea into reality or looking to redefine your existing presence, brand crafting is the place to start.  A hands-on approach to branding with design and development provides Pod-zemni Marketing an opportunity to craft unique validation.

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Branding gives you the opportunity to confidently enter into dialogue with your target audience- but how, when and where do you initiate the conversation? Brand exposure boosts your brand where the market interest lives and engages your target audience through the most relevant channels available.

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You’ve boosted and engaged your newly crafted brand to success. Now can you deliver? Pod-zemni Marketing can quickly analyze internal workflow production, construct a plan to reduce production congestion, and implement solutions that get you establishing brand honesty fast.

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Welcome to Validation

A few companies and organizations have already benefited from the validation our tailored services creatively and strategically aim to provide. View the work and results by clicking on a case study below.

About Us

We know there are a lot of creative agencies out there, so we appreciate you taking the time to want to get to know us. Learn more about our boutique creative agency, the concept behind our brand and services, and the background behind Pod-zemni Marketing’s leadership.


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