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From its onset, Pod-zemni Marketing’s focus was to embrace the marketing pivot- a shift in the current landscape that has provided an easier and more efficient way to generate high quality marketing material. At the same time, Pod-zemni Marketing aimed to stand on the belief that design, functionality, strategy, and knowledge should all be weighed equally and at every turn during the course of a project, ultimately allowing clients to stay up-to-date, future-proofed, competitive, and on budget.


In an effort to support that focus and aim, Pod-zemni Marketing created three service categories: brand crafting, brand exposure, and brand honesty. These primary services, each appropriately represented by a primary color, act as the umbrella categories under which ever project will ultimately live.  Whether a client simply needs an updated logo, or a full overhaul of branding, marketing, and internal operations, Pod-zemni Marketing’s primary services can be mixed and blended to provide the perfect package.  What would your perfect color look like?


Suzanne Podzemny

Suzanne has always bounced back and forth between the creative and strategic. During her last year of college, she taught herself how to refinish furniture. With a new skill under her belt and a growing love for mid-century modern design, she started her first small side business buying, refinishing, and selling furniture to turn a profit. Had she been paying a bit more attention, she might have realized her love for clean design, online marketing strategy, and business building was pointing her in a specific direction.

Instead, Suzanne entered the workforce right in time for a good ole fashion recession. Quickly she realized how important it was to diversify her skill set in the existing economy. With a sponge thirsty desire for understanding how businesses worked, she took positions in several different industries that would yield the most value.

Eventually a career in systems analysis and project management proved to be a great fit and continued to carry her career in every different direction– from business development, operations, and accounting, to information technology, production and sales. Suzanne recognized she had a mind for developing workflows and was quite good at breaking bottlenecks in production flow. Still, while she practiced the strategic, her creative side yearned for new outlets. It was then her love for branding and marketing began.

Now she stands at the helm of every project Pod-zemni Marketing takes on.  Suzanne has built Pod-zemni Marketing to satisfy her creative side and listen to music loudly while she works.  She’s provided art direction, project management, and technical consulting to clients both large and small. However, she’s not alone in her efforts; Suzanne has created a network of designers, developers, photographers, copywriters, and vendors to help her secure validation for her clients.


Ready to blend your own perfect color?