The Challenge

When we met with ATX CPE, they had a fresh new name to more appropriately connect them to the industry in which they operated.  ATX CPE refurbishes and repairs Customer Premises Equipment, which makes them electronic recycler of sorts that honors the concept of reuse, reduce, recycle.  While their name change was a step in the right direction, their outdated branding was still holding them back from validation.

The Solution

Pod-zemni Marketing stepped up to the challenge to give this refurbisher of the old, something new.  We started with a Brand Crafting | Design package.  The new look would ultimately provide the company with a fresh new logo that actually spoke to the nature of their brand, as well as a clean and minimalist brand theme that would eventually be developed further.




Out With The Old, In With The New


The new ATX CPE logo is a complete redesign from a logo that carried very little meaning for the company and didn’t speak to the nature of ATX CPE’s business.  The symbol, obviously is meant to represent the recycling process, and includes an added element of specificity with the symbol coming to an end as a coax/coaxial cable which is used to hook-up cable boxes.


The brand theme, while subtle, is full of meaning.  A modern and fresh color palette for ATX CPE speaks to the environmental by-product of the company’s operations.  The background theme designed also aimed to combined two aspects of ATX CPE’s business: 1) The pinstripe background was included to be the classic symbolism of professionalism and aims to distance ATX CPE from the common depiction of recyclers as simple scrapers and haulers.  The rest of the background includes a watermark pattern of the recycling symbol to reinforce the reuse, reduce, recycle element of the business.  Professionalism meets recycling, all in a minimalist background that compliments the logo quite well.

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