The Challenge

Although p3tography had built a successful business out of talent and grassroots word of mouth alone, they were ready to move beyond their niche market and into new arenas in need of high quality photography. However, their branding was limiting and mostly targeted the market in which they had already developed a strong presence. It was time to move outside the box.

The Solution

The p3tography brand was crafted to both provide a professional voice for the company as well as maintain a personal element for both owners. Supplemental elements provided p3tography with a clean and consistent look that clients from all markets could appreciate.







Company Rebrand

Week Turnaround

Amazing Result

A Brand with Meaning



Rebuilt From the Inside Out

The logo is a complete re-brand from the original identity that once existed. The font chosen is clean and approachable from any perspective. The symbol is a take on the digital crop icon, giving representation to the fact that p3tography also offers high end commercial editing and photo processing as well. With the simple addition of the middle circle, the logo resembles a vintage box camera to convey the owners’ love for all things authentically antique- an element that presented itself often in p3tography’s photo-shoots and eventually became a staple look they arguably created in the market they had established.


A Personal Touch

The a in photography is presented as a triangle, giving the logo a very personal touch. The triangle reflects a tattoo one owner received in honor of her sister who originally created the p3 moniker during their childhood years in reference to herself and her two siblings- the creators and owners of p3tography.


Brand Architecture

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