The Challenge

After creating a truly meaningful and relevant brand for TEEMS, it was necessary to develop the tools that would showcase the brand and serve as the medium for clients to interact and engage.  TEEMS sought to develop a sales pitch and build a website in order to eventually target the customers they hoped to reach.

The Solution

TEEMS required the full brand development package in order to establish a consistent look.  A unique sales pitch was delivered as well as custom photography, graphics, and copy writing.  The result was a relevant website that extended the TEEMS brand into an arena that would establish new business and potential partnerships.


Pitch Developed


Website Redesign

Day Turnaround

Amazing Result

Getting the Works


Pitch Building

To tie both web-based business development and in-person business development together, Pod-zemni Marketing created a pitch for sales. With a basic, no-frills understanding of what they believed they offered their customers, the TEEMS Advantage Pitch was developed and conveyed a very basic message with a few twists to make it unique.



TEEMS got the works to help develop their website. Custom photography, copy writing, and graphic design helped bring the development of their website up a notch and enhanced the web development design greatly.



The final product is a clean, modern design that conveys strength and provides itself as a true validating tool for TEEMS. The layout of the site makes it easy to contact the company and drives traffic that direction each step of the way. The site is mobile optimized and includes custom animation and subtle parallax functionality, making it relevant with current web design trends while still professional and properly aligned with the culture of the oil and gas industry.

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We’ll stay here.  You go ahead and take a look at the finished product.


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