Since the dawn of the SEO boom, every expert has developed their own take on best practices.  Still the resounding phrase everyone could agree on was “content is king.” Now with changing search algorithms, the catchphrase has sharpened in and focused on video. Yes, video content is king and the way businesses choose to harness that power, alongside the ever popular rise of marketing automation, has created a whole new customer experience.

While delivering personalized marketing (or even personalized video marketing for that matter) is by no means new to the advertising realm, the ability to generate personalized real-time video content is. Smartvideo allows businesses to generate video that delivers a truly personalized experience with real time information embedded in the frame.  Greet a customer by their name, feature a product that seems to meet their interests, deliver a personalized pitch based on their real-time web clicks.  The possibilities are endless.

Take for example AT&T. Order a smartphone online these days, and in a matter of a few hours you will receive a personalized greeting video with real-time information regarding your order status, how to setup your phone, real-time shipment tracking information, and individualized instructions on setting up your device. While this information has always been provided, the numbers for user engagement with smartvideo is staggering- because oh, did we mention the results are of course measurable. Smartvideo platforms boost powerful analytics tools for video performance. Say what you will, video content is king for a reason- it’s a much more captivating and engaging medium by which to deliver even the most tedious of content.

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